A Horror Borealis

LOSERS: A Love Story - Part 15

Episode Summary

This is It. No turning back.

Episode Notes

This is It. No turning back.

The story reaches its thrilling climax with this penultimate episode as the combined casts of AHB and AHB76 unite to tackle Stephen King's infamous epic of trauma and triumph in a limited run series that goes deep into the darkness to test the bonds of love and trust and the harrowing ordeal of healing.

Featuring "Back to Derry" by Christine Prevas,


LOSERS: A Love Story deals implicitly and explicitly with troubling content including but not limited to child death, domestic abuse, suicide and suicidal ideation, sexual violence, medical trauma, gore, and unreality. 

Child Endangerment - 45:43 - 54:23 

Spiders - 56:23 - 1:05:05 

Sexist Dialogue - 1:03:59 - 1:04:15 

Dismemeberment - 1:10:30 - 1:10:40

Cast & Crew

Alex Flanigan as Bill Denbrough

Andrew Giotta as Ben Hanscom

JV Hampton-VanSant as Mike Hanlon

MJ as Stan Uris

Addison Peacock as Beverly Marsh

Val Petrone as Eddie Kaspbrak

Tim Woerner as Richie Tozier

Audio editing and production by Ryan Boelter

Shout-out to Thaelyn on Twitch for the listener parties!

Music Credits:

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